Gravimetric Uniformity Checking

Battery manufacturers must deliver products with reliable performance and safety. This requires consistency throughout all parameters in the production chain, from active material refining to electrode manufacturing, assembling and OEMs’ integration.

Backed by more than 150 years of German engineering expertise in manufacturing lab balances, Sartorius can help you attain the perfect battery pack with accurate, reliable weighing instruments:

  • Check the purity of constitutive components by density
  • Calibrate dispensing heads
  • Determine the grammage of electrode foils
  • Ensure no parts are missing after assembly
  • Count small pieces in large quantities

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Solutions for Your Gravimetric Analysis Applications

Cubis Ultra-High Resolution Product Line instruments shown together

Check for Correct Doses of Electrode Slurry

Delivering the right dose of components is critical in battery manufacturing. With configurable hardware, software and connectivity, the Cubis® II high-performance balance aligns with your unique needs.

  • Seamless connectivity enhances productivity, efficiency and data integrity in your laboratory
  • Customizable Modularity: Choose from among 50 weighing modules, two user interfaces and seven draft shields for a great variety of hardware configurations

  • Flexibility to enhance hardware and software configuration over time

Adaptable QApps software for weighing applications:

  • QAPP305 Paper Weight automatically calculates the weight of each sample area. Use it for uniform coating of electrode slurry on each electrode sheet after calendering and notching.
  • QAPP219 Averaging with Checkweighing provides instant checks of deposited weight, even in an unstable environment, and records the values for further analysis. It allows reliable, continuous dispensing of slurry, glue or gap fillers.
  • QAPP Mixing enables accurate weighing and documenting of up to 100 components in a single recipe. It ensures accurate formulation of constituents in a slurry composition

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Error-Proof Assembly by Weighing

Verification by weighing is a non-destructive and precise way to check for the correct assembly of battery components and packs during the battery manufacturing process. The Sartorius Secura® balance ensures each step is performed correctly.

The built-in Counting application determines the number of objects that have approximately equal weight. In the first step, a reference weight with a defined quantity is weighed. In the second step, a sample with an unknown quantity is weighed.

The application Checkweighing Solution ensures complex devices have been assembled completely at every step of production. The readability of balances will be determined by the weight of the smallest component in the finished product assembly. 

Additional safeguards:

  • Fully automatic temperature- and time-controlled internal calibration and adjustment – isoCAL
  • Intelligent, optoelectronic levelling sensor with alarm function and interactive user guidance
  • Chemical resistant finish of the top housing, glass parts of the draft shield are coated to reduce electrostatic influences, in-use dust cover for balances with draft shield
  • 19 models covering weighing range of 21 g to 6,100 g; readability from 0.002 mg to 100 mg

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Density Check

Density measurement gives important information about the purity of active material ingots or plastics, raw material of the concentration of electrode slurry components or the quality of electrode foil coating after calendering. Deviation from expected density may indicate the presence of impurities.

Backed by more 150 years of German engineering expertise, the Sartorius Entris® II Advanced Line, together with the density kit YDK03, offers accurate density measurement you can trust.

  • Built-in application Density Determination with printout/data output
  • Real “PC-direct feature” facilitates easy transfer of weighing data into spreadsheets or other applications
  • High chemical resistance - ensured using parts made from hard-wearing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), stainless steel and glass
  • 38 models with weighing range from 60 g to 12,200 g, and readability from 0.1 mg to 1 g

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Supporting Products

OEM Weigh Cells & Load Cells

Integrated Weigh Cells

Featuring electromagnetic force compensation and electronic modules that can be installed in or connected to other equipment.

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Density Determination Kit

Density Kit

Density determination kits for Entris® II Advanced Line.

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Instrument Services: Calibration, Installation, Maintenance

Service life cycle management is a critical part of purchasing your equipment.

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