Monitor the Moisture Content Across Your Battery Production 

Maintaining minimal water content is a strict requirement when producing certain types of batteries, like lithium-ion batteries. The Karl Fischer method is commonly used for routine monitoring of raw materials and environmental conditions, but it requires separate laboratory analysis. Sartorius thermogravimetric moisture analyzers allow for rapid evaluation of moisture content at various stages of production:

  • Quality control of raw materials - plastics, separators, graphite, active materials
  • Residual quantity of solvents after drying steps
  • In-process checking of electrode slurry or gap fillers
  • Characterization of materials after recycling or innovation stages

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Moisture Determination Solutions

Quality Control of Incoming Goods

Small changes in the composition of a raw material can negatively impact the quality of the final product. Controlling, analyzing, and collecting data from each batch or supplier ensures the success of downstream steps. Sartorius MA 160 Moisture Analyzer allows precise measurement of moisture content in plastics (separators, casing, modules, packs), active materials, glue and gap fillers.

In-Process Determination of Residual Solvent Content

Electrodes for batteries are commonly made by a wet paint style application of the slurry onto either aluminum or copper foils. Drying steps influence the electrode thickness, substrate adhesion, and can lead to cracks. In lithium-ion batteries, water reduces the structural stability and capacity of the battery. Sartorius MA 160 Moisture Analyzer can determine the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids conveniently, reliably and quickly.

  • Powerful heating for up to 30% faster measurement times combined with our special Better-Clean design for unequalled cleaning possibilities
  • Method Development Assistant function enables you to create your own methods for different samples and efficiently manage the methods in a library
  • High memory capacity for methods, results, calibration, and performance data ensures traceable documentation at any time
  • Capacity 200 g. Readability 1 mg. For Moisture determination > 1%

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Research & Innovation

Developing the batteries of tomorrow requires constant innovation. The development of new chemistries, the increase in battery performance and the future stages of industrialisation require a perfect knowledge of all constitutive materials. Sartorius MA100 flexible moisture analyser helps characterize printed, recycled or newly developed materials for wet or solid-state batteries.

  • Determination of moisture contents as low as 0.01%, precisely and reproducibly
  • Choice of three different infrared heat sources: halogen, ceramic, CQR quartz glass and a broad range of different functions to adapt the measurement of challenging samples
  • Samples with low moisture content and/or other special requirements in different applications like plastics, powders, 3D printers
  • Capacity 100 g. Readability 0.1 mg

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Glass Fiber Pads

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Cubis II Semi Micro Balance

Cubis® II Semi Micro Balance

The Cubis® II Semi Micro Balances with the Qapp for Loss on Drying Application help to determine the moisture content.

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Application Note

Quality Control in the Production of High-Quality Plastic Parts

Precise, fast and simple measurement of moisture levels in plastic granules during receipt of goods and production.

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