On-Demand Webinar: Get the Best of Your Data – Combining Integrity, Connectivity and Data Analytics


Battery production involves many variables that must be optimized to enhance battery lifetime and energy density. These processes generate a lot of data at every stage, including materials discovery, electrolyte preparation, and electrode and cell manufacturing. Some institutions generate more than 1 petabyte of data per year (1 million gigabytes or 1e15 bits), while others report over 700 million characterization data per day. 

In our webinar, we show you how to get a handle on your data using Sartorius Lab Instruments and Data Analytics Software. Discover how data integrity and connectivity combined with robust data analytics can optimize your manufacturing processes, increase your yield, and help you bring quality cells and packs to the market faster.

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  • Watch time: 1 hour

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In This Webinar You Will Learn:
  • Data integrity and connectivity for lab instruments
  • Connecting Cubis® II lab balance to a LIMS system
  • Advanced data analytics in battery production
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Design of experiments

Webinar Speakers

Wallace Harvey

Head of Regional Market Development | North America, Sartorius

A 25 year veteran of the laboratory equipment industry, Wallace Harvey has served in various senior product management, marketing and sales roles throughout his career. In his current assignment, Wallace has North American responsibility as Head of Regional Market Development for Sartorius.

Johan Hultman

Manager of OEM, Data Analytics, Sales, | Malmö, Sartorius

Johan joined Sartorius Digital Solutions (former Umetrics) in 1999, and has held several important positions within the organization utilizing AI/ML for Advanced Data Analytics, generating value adding and cost savings within operations, R&D and commercial manufacturing both internally and with external partners and customers.

Mary Page Bailey

Editor, Chemical Engineering magazine | Sartorius

Mary Page Bailey has been an editor with Chemical Engineering since May 2013, after working five years as a process design engineer at ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s joint venture, Univation Technologies, LLC. During her time with Univation, she designed equipment for numerous Unipol polyethylene plants and attended a plant startup in China. She holds a B.S. Ch.E. degree from the University of Oklahoma.

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