10th European Downstream Technology Forum & 4th Upstream Technology Forum Linked Event

Upstream and Downstream Processing: One Common Goal

Successful process optimization in upstream has led to increased cell densities and product titers. But what does this mean for downstream processing and purification of the final drug product?

These modern, intensified production processes are pushing the bottleneck more and more towards downstream. The need to address this has become stronger than ever before.

4th Upstream Technology Forum

September 8-9, 2014
Sartorius College
Goettingen, Germany

10th European Downstream Technology Forum

September 09-10, 2014,
Sartorius College,
Goettingen, Germany


Review of 2013

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Highlights from the Agenda 2013

Abhinav Shukla, Ph.D., Vice President, Process Development and Manufacturing, KBI Biopharma, will present on “Innovations in Biopharmaceutical Production – A Manufacturer’s Perspective.”

Alex Seay
, Senior Scientist, Late Stage Development, Genentech, Inc., will address the “Effect of Membrane Properties and Operating Mode on Small Virus Filtration Performance.”

Dr. Berthold Bödeker, Global Biologics Biotech Development, Bayer Pharma AG, will focus on “Facility of the future: how disposables support that concept.”

Dr. Wolfgang Paul, Senior Scientist, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, will talk about “Set up of Glucose control loops for cell culture based on the
online Glc/Lac measurement”

Jean-François Chaubard, Director Industrialization Viral Bulk & Cell Technology, GSK Biologicals, will present on “Disposable Bioreactors: How to integrate them into your Process Development Platform?”

Dr. Lidia Garcia Coronado
, Senior Scientist, Veterinary Medicine Research and Development, Zoetis Manufacturing & Research Spain S.L. , will  talk about “Making the choice between suspension & microcarriers for animal vaccine processes: a comparison study between single-use and multi-use bioreactors”

Dr. Anne Gilbert, USP Director, Product & Process Development, Novasep Process,  will address the “Implementation of single-use bioreactors for scale-up & biologics production”

Upstream Forum

The Upstream Technology Forum has been initiated three years ago to discuss challenges and innovative approaches to cell and microbial culture amongst industry practitioners. more


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Downstream Forum

The Downstream Forum provides the latest technical and scientifical approaches in downstream processing to accelerate development and optimize production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. more


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