BIOSTAT® B – The Gold Standard of Benchtop Bioreactors

The BIOSTAT® B fermenter | bioreactor has been specially designed to cover the wide variety of requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research and development.

With several thousands of units installed worldwide, BIOSTAT® B is the most successful autoclavable system of its class and is now available in the third generation.

A wide range of configurations is available to choose from for animal, plant and insect cell cultivation as well as for microbial fermentation. The process controller can be combined either with reusable stirred glass vessels or with single-use bioreactors made of pre-sterilized polycarbonate. Volumes range from 1L to 2L and from 5L to 10L. The system is capable of controlling either one or two vessels completely independently from each other.


Designed to meet your specific needs, BIOSTAT® B covers a wide range of applications, extending from use as a flexible basic unit for preclinical research to a fully qualified system that complies with the requirements of a validated GMP environment. 

Typical areas of application include the following:

  • Process development for the manufacture of vaccines, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies
  • Process strategy development using a batch, fed-batch, continuous or perfusion mode
  • Scale-up and scale-down tests for commercial-scale manufacture
  • Small-scale (pre-)production
  • High cell-density fermentation
  • Adherent cell cultures on microcarriers
  • Low-shear-stress cell cultivation of sensitive organisms
  • Cultivation of filamentous organisms
  • Biofuel manufacturing 
  • Dual usage both for cell cultures and microbial applications, such as in academic research


In designing the new BIOSTAT® B, we placed a premium on ease of use, simple cleaning and a space-saving footprint.

Easy Load pumps for fast tubing installation.

All culture vessel connections are logically arranged and positioned on the side of the control unit so that they are easy to access.

The storage dish creates space for depositing accessories and is easy to remove thanks to its secure magnetic attachment.


BIOSTAT® B is a highly flexible and modular-designed system that can be specially customized to meet your specific application. 

Control Unit:

  • Single or twin set-up for independent control of one or two culture vessels
  • Maintenance-free top-drive or magnetically coupled top-drive agitation system
  • For autoclavable glass or single-use bioreactors
  • Stainless steel housing with 12" touch-screen display
  • Pump and aeration module
  • Potential-free alarm contact
  • Storage dish for accessories
  • Equipotential bonding for high measurement reliability
  • Ethernet port

Pumps, Balances, External Inputs

  • Four peristaltic pumps integrated into the control unit
  • Two external peristaltic pumps
  • Two balances connections
  • Two external signal inputs 0-10V

Measurement and Control:

  • Temperature, pH, DO, antifoam, level, turbidity and redox
  • Temperature regulated by heating blanket and stainless steel cooling finger (single-walled glass vessels) or by a thermostat (double-jacketed glass vessels)
  • pH adjustment by adding acid and base or CO2 and base
  • DO control by 4-stage cascade or ADVANCED individual controller
  • Foam control by adding antifoaming agents or mechanical foam destroyer (anti-foam disc)
  • Substrate addition by pump or a gravimetric controller
  • Level monitoring either by a sensor or a gravimetric controller
  • BioPAT® MFCS software for data recording or higher-level SCADA functionality


  • AIR, O2, N2 and CO2 connections
  • Choice of headspace (Overlay) or Sparger aeration
  • Various different Rotameters and mass flow controllers in a range of 0.005 to 20 lpm

UniVessel® Autoclavable Glass Vessels

  • 1L, 2L, 5L and 10L maximum working volumes
  • Single-walled vessels with electric heating or double-jacketed glass vessels with a thermostat system
  • Stirrer shaft with single mechanical seal
  • Top drive with direct coupling or magnetically coupled top-drive agitation system
  • 6-blade disk (Rushton turbine) impeller, 3-blade segment impeller and paddle impeller
  • Ring sparger, microsparger and aeration basket for bubble-free aeration
  • Exhaust cooler
  • Baffles
  • Spin filter for perfusion applications
  • Diverse options for addition and harvest as well as sampling
  • Spare part kits and tool sets

UniVessel® SU Single-use Culture Vessel

  • Made of presterilized polycarbonate
  • 2L working volume
  • Single-walled for operation with electric heating blanket
  • For cell culture applications
  • Two three-blade impellers and L-sparger
  • Three top plate ports
  • Three ports with dip tubes for addition or harvest
  • Three 12-millimeter ports with a 13.5 Pg (20.4 mm OD) thread for installation of conventional sensors

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